Senco Energy was born out of frustration with the complex and often miss-leading energy procurement industry. Having developed businesses in other industries as well as the UK energy market, we are familiar with the pains that commercial businesses go through when developing their energy strategy. We provide impartial, practical business advice regarding any aspect of your energy concerns.

We have developed a business model that is centered round our customer’s needs and their satisfaction. Our simple 4 step process ensures our customers will never have to worry about their energy and any issues that may arise.

First Contact – We are aware that the energy procurement market is often a difficult place to understand. You will quickly realise through our professional and friendly manner that you are in the right hands for the long and short term.

We do the Hard Work – No matter what the enquiry, we do all the hard work for you. Senco Energy provides complete solutions providing you with peace of mind and security that you are not being over charged for your electricity and gas requirements, minimising expenditure through financially feasible means.

Saving you Time and Money – We have carefully developed relationships with some of the best energy suppliers, energy efficiency and smart meter suppliers on the market. We have deliberately aligned ourselves with organisatons who have the same ethos as Senco Energy – We all strongly believe that customer satisfaction is the most important aspect above all. A refreshing change within the energy market some might say!

Senco Care – We guarantee that once a service has been delivered you will continue to get the best customer care available in the energy market. Frequent communication ensures you are happy with all aspects of your energy strategy. We will never recommend an energy solution that is not in your businesses best interests.