Hudson Energy – UK B2B Energy Supplier

Senco Energy is pleased to announce our relationship with the UK’s newest B2B energy supplier, Hudson Energy. Hudson Energy, the UK arm of US natural gas supplier, Just Energy, have recently entered the commercial market, with the view of challenging the oligopolistic stranglehold of the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers. Hudson Energy is available to UK business customers and is solely available through selected energy brokers & consultants. Hudson Energy keeps overheads to a very minimum, allowing savings to be passed on to the clients through reduced expenditure, backed by exceptional customer service. We here at Senco Energy look forward to Read More >

Energy Act 2011 – Will the Green Deal add more green to your profit & loss?

The British government is constantly striving to improve our outlook on the environment and is looking for different ways to achieve business and domestic buy in. The policies around the protection of energy has developed quite considerably over the years. In 1962 they implemented the Pipes Act, 1986 saw the Gas Act, 1998 was the Petroleum Act and ever since 2004 the Energy Act has been amended 3 times. Energy has been, and always will be a key commodity to any developed, or developing nation. The reduction of carbon emissions is not only one of the key protocols of the Read More >

Iran’s Oil Embargo – A Cause for Concern?

The threat of Iran developing a nuclear weapon is becoming an ever more realistic possibility. Although Iran categorically deny that they are enriching uranium for anything more than commercial energy development, the recent trip by U.N delegates indicates other wise. The European Union and America have placed a trade embargo on any imports of Iranian oil as well as prohibiting any organisations dealing with Iranian banks. It is worth noting that Iran is the third largest oil producing economy on the planet and is the second biggest member of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, formally known as the Read More >

Ofgem’s TPI Regulation Proposal – Senco Energy’s View

In recent months, much has been said with regards to energy companies sales tactics and practices in the domestic sector. However, there has been little mainstream media focus on the commercial sector, often with the view that organisations are big and ugly enough to look after themselves. Sadly, as many are aware this has resulted in a level of miss-selling on behalf of both energy suppliers and energy brokers/third party intermediaries (TPI’s) alike. Whilst the majority of TPI’s within the market act in a professional and trustworthy manner, unfortunately this cannot be said for all. TPI’s play an important role Read More >

Volatile energy prices, 2012 and beyond.

With gas and electricity commonly being the second highest out-going cost for many organisations across the UK, it is important to understand what direction energy costs are going in the foreseeable future. The heavy fluctuations on the wholesale market are mirrored in the final costs to customers. It is important to understand what you can do to ensure your organisations expenditure is minimised. It is expected that the world’s population will increase a further 1.4 billion over the next 20 years. This mixed with the current economic development of many emerging markets means that the demand for the world’s resources are being Read More >

PV Solar Panels – FIT cuts, government reviews… still feasible?

In 2011 the commercial and domestic PV solar industry was seen to be a booming, high growth industry and then it all went wrong… After much debate the government dramatically cut feed-in-tariff subsidies, reducing the commercial feasibility of new installations and putting many of the smaller manufacturers and installers out of business. Since then, there has been a mini revolt, with lobbying on an almost daily basis and much nationwide, negative PR to support the cause.  The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) recent announcement has caused mixed reactions within the industry. Some believe it is a step in Read More >