Energy Audits & Benchmark

An energy efficiency audit is the first step to reducing your organisations energy consumption. With ever increasing electricity and gas prices, many SME and industrial clients are turning to energy efficiency to improve their bottom line.

Senco Energy’s energy efficiency audit service allows you to further understand your energy consumption and gauge the performance of the overall premises. The complete evaluation allows you to measure the performance of the site as a whole, whilst further understanding the performance of individual equipment or processes you may have.

We take the time and care to fully understand your business and the industry you operate in. Our detailed, bespoke report allows you to prioritise energy saving steps to match your budget. At no stage will we recommend something that is unnecessary and simply unfeasible.

Whether you are a single or small site, or a large multi-site organisation, Senco Energy can provide cost effective methods that allow you to reduce your energy consumption providing a strong return on investment.

The benefits of improved energy efficiency:

  • Reduced Costs – As energy costs rise, this is becoming increasingly important to organisations of all sizes.
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions – Do your bit for the environment and reduce your organisation’s Co2 emissions.
  • Great for PR – Research shows that promoting your organisation’s green credentials improves sales. You have put in the hard work, so shout about the results.

Senco Energy Efficiency Solutions

Senco Energy offers a range of energy efficient solutions that match your businesses criteria and provides a strong return on investment. Whatever the size of your organisation, we provide sensible systems that allow you to reduce your energy expenditure and improve your bottom line. Simplistically, we would never recommend anything that we would not use ourselves.

Process – Our detailed audit services identify areas of wasted energy and provide recommendations in order to rectify this. We understand each organisation is unique and require tailored solutions that match your requirements.

Technology – A range of technologies are available to organisations allowing you to improve your organisation’s energy efficiency. Previously the costs of these made them simply unfeasible, however times are changing. There are now a range of energy efficiency solutions that provide a strong return on investment and don’t require huge capital investment from Day 1.

Employee Buy-in – One of the biggest challenges facing organisations is the ability to change employee’s attitudes towards becoming more energy efficient. We believe that knowledge is power and it is vital that the knowledge is delivered in the best way possible. Through the technology that is supplied and the recommendations that are made, it will provide your company with the tools to get the employee buy-in.

Please contact Senco Energy for more information, what’s more we actually want to understand your organisation and the way you work.

Helping your Organisation

In today’s current economic climate, we understand not all organisations can be considered as ‘cash rich’. Therefore energy efficiency unfortunately drops down the ever growing list of things to do.

Given the government’s current initiatives to get organisations ‘green’, there is a basket of loans, grants and subsidies that can enable you to invest in the necessary technology and process improvements. Unfortunately, this is a long and often laborious task which puts many small and large organisations off.

Senco Energy can help in the application, development and generation of funds for energy efficient means. Please contact one of our friendly advisors for more information and too further understand what options are available to you.

Energy Performance Certificates

Senco Energy provides Energy Certification Services for all commercial and public buildings in the UK. Through our carefully developed network of accredited Commercial Energy Assessors, we are able to provide certification services for a variety of non-domestic buildings, ranging from small single site units to large multi-site business premises.

With the Green Deal coming into effect in the near future, all commercial and public buildings, whether wholly owned or being leased will be required to have an energy performance certificate.

Commercial Energy Performance Certificates:

  • Comply with government legislation, avoid costly fines.
  • Provides complete rating of how energy efficiency your premises is (Rating A-G).
  • Understand the impact your premises has on the environment.
  • Recommendations of how your premises energy performance can be improved.

Please contact Senco Energy for more information on our Commercial Energy Performance Certificates service.