Energy Audits & Benchmark

An energy efficiency audit is the first step to reducing your organisations energy consumption. With ever increasing electricity and gas prices, many SME and industrial clients are turning to energy efficiency to improve their bottom line.

Senco Energy’s energy efficiency audit service allows you to further understand your energy consumption and gauge the performance of the overall premises. The complete evaluation allows you to measure the performance of the site as a whole, whilst further understanding the performance of individual equipment or processes you may have.

We take the time and care to fully understand your business and the industry you operate in. Our detailed, bespoke report allows you to prioritise energy saving steps to match your budget. At no stage will we recommend something that is unnecessary and simply unfeasible.

Whether you are a single or small site, or a large multi-site organisation, Senco Energy can provide cost effective methods that allow you to reduce your energy consumption providing a strong return on investment.

The benefits of improved energy efficiency:

  • Reduced Costs – As energy costs rise, this is becoming increasingly important to organisations of all sizes.
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions – Do your bit for the environment and reduce your organisation’s Co2 emissions.
  • Great for PR – Research shows that promoting your organisation’s green credentials improves sales. You have put in the hard work, so shout about the results.