Senco Energy Efficiency Solutions

Senco Energy offers a range of energy efficient solutions that match your businesses criteria and provides a strong return on investment. Whatever the size of your organisation, we provide sensible systems that allow you to reduce your energy expenditure and improve your bottom line. Simplistically, we would never recommend anything that we would not use ourselves.

Process – Our detailed audit services identify areas of wasted energy and provide recommendations in order to rectify this. We understand each organisation is unique and require tailored solutions that match your requirements.

Technology – A range of technologies are available to organisations allowing you to improve your organisation’s energy efficiency. Previously the costs of these made them simply unfeasible, however times are changing. There are now a range of energy efficiency solutions that provide a strong return on investment and don’t require huge capital investment from Day 1.

Employee Buy-in – One of the biggest challenges facing organisations is the ability to change employee’s attitudes towards becoming more energy efficient. We believe that knowledge is power and it is vital that the knowledge is delivered in the best way possible. Through the technology that is supplied and the recommendations that are made, it will provide your company with the tools to get the employee buy-in.

Please contact Senco Energy for more information, what’s more we actually want to understand your organisation and the way you work.